Transplanting of most trees requires hand digging and root preparation before wrapping the root ball. Furthermore, specialized equipment can be required for larger trees such as AG-90 Tree Spade and hydraulic loaders.

Transplantation of a tree is very contingent on the initial health and condition of the tree. We have the expertise to analyze the tree and determine if it is feasible to move it. Several factors are taken into consideration before and after moving a large tree. Additionally, appropriate transplanting techniques, equipment, and proper pre and post transplant care are all determined as part of the overall project.
It is also important that the tree location and transplant destination are large enough areas to accommodate an adequately sized root ball and consideration of its future potential growth in consideration with the overall existing landscape and hardscape setting.

Planting and Transplanting Projects Include:

  • Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Cities and town Properties
  • Golf Courses
  • Hospitals and Universities
  • Corporate Campuses and Office Buildings

    Planting and Transplant Cost is dependent on:

  • Trunk Diameter and weight of tree
  • Canopy Size
  • Existing Soil Conditions and nutrients required
  • Site Accessibility
  • Transplant relocation distance

    Planting and Transplanting Pre Considerations:

  • Specimen of tree
  • Trunk Caliper and Canopy Size
  • Overall health, age and vitality of the tree
  • Soil Condition and Moisture Content
  • Adequate Root Ball Sizing
  • Surface Obstructions (such as house foundations or sidewalks)
  • Overhead or Underground Utility Conflicts