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Hi Chris

I wanted to drop you an email to thank you for the EXCEPTIONAL service we received. They were so professional and provided TREMENDOUS client service. The work they performed was clean and tedious. They installed the lights and wires amongst rock and the lawn and you could not even tell they were there (which was well appreciated!!) We have dealt with a number of people building our home and they were by the FAR the BEST that we have worked with. Thanks so much for all you and your team did to make the lighting of our home and pool area so beautiful. Take care and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Hi Chris

We are a go with where the lights are now.

I will call the office later today. When you get back can you send the paperwork?

Thanks. It looks amazing.


Barretta Enterprises work was featured on the cover Total Landscape Care magazine!


AOLP – Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals

Barretta Enterprises is the recipient of the 2008 Award of Distinction. The award was given out at the Annual Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona.   Click Here for More.


We thought the lighting was great!! I loved it. Al did not know if he liked the spots in the top of the trees, but I did. I might want to add on the spot at the end of the driveway... front of the side patio. This was a very impressive way to a quote. It makes the most sense. No surprises or disappointments, you see what you get. Thank you again.

Lori M

Barretta Enterprises was recognized for excellence by founder of Cast Lighting!